Choose a workshop for Bountiful 2019

This year we have 4 workshops alongside a youth stream for you to choose from. Our theme is being made worthy and all our contributors have written a synopsis to help you make your selection.

Precious rubbish – Melinda Wells
After spending her formative years under the influence of people trying to convince her she was garbage, Melinda Wells was able to change that when she accepted that being “Made worthy” for her was Jesus taking the garbage out of her soul and filling the space
with gold. Knowing she is precious and valuable effects how she treats herself and other people. She comes at life from a place of knowing she has something valuable to give and lives looking to encourage and lift those around her. In this workshop she will seek to share her insight into living a life by faith, and, by way of questions and answers to give you the practical tools and equipment to put into practice in your own daily walk with God.

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Mistaken identity – Helen Thorne
Many of us see ourselves through the lens of our past – imagining we are useless, unloveable or worse. Many of us see God through that same lens and suspect he isn’t quite as sovereign or good as the Bible says. Join us as we look at Ephesians 1 to discover who God truly is and who we are in Christ and in the process find real hope for a joyful and fruitful life.

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Walk taller – Claire Musters
Do you know that you are made worthy through Christ, but sometimes struggle to truly believe that and live in the light of it? Claire Musters shares honestly about her own difficulties with low self-worth, the journey she has been on to truly understand God’s love for her and the tools she has found helpful in the daily fight to stand firm in our identity as women of God. The world is constantly telling us who we should be, and pointing out what we lack, but we truly can rest in the knowledge that we are His beloved, worthy daughters and enjoy being who he made us to be.

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The Overflow – Esther Swaffield-Bray
When we know that we deeply loved and made worthy, we can help others to find their true identity in Christ too- this truth is too good not to share! In this workshop, Esther will help us to explore the ‘overflow’ of our identity: when we know who we are in Christ, we too can bring freedom to the families, communities and nations around us.

Esther works for the anti-slavery organisation, International Justice Mission, and regularly speaks on themes of identity and justice, with humour, creativity and deep reflection on Biblical truth.

Workshop recording

Youth Stream – Sasha Petrie
Have you ever considered how worthy you are in God’s eyes?
As a young woman in today’s world it can be hard to think of yourself in that way, but you should, and you can. Come along to Bountiful’s Youth Stream as we follow the conference theme; Made Worthy.

We will be hosting designated sessions for young women featuring a mixture of workshops, games, talks. and plenty of time for facilitated discussions and questions.

The Youth Stream will be led by Sasha Petrie, a young woman of faith who understands how hard it is to feel “worthy” in today’s world. She has been personally inspired by 1 Timothy 4:12 which says “don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity”.

Together we will be looking at beginning the journey towards realising how truly worthy we all are in God’s eyes. Sasha is looking forward to welcoming “many of God’s young princesses” on 23rd March.

Gemma Hunt
After a truly engaging and inspiring time with Gemma last year, we are delighted that she is returning with more to share at Bountiful 2019.

Fun loving, enthusiastic TV presenter Gemma Hunt has worked in television for 15 years, hosting children’s shows for the BBC as well as Christian events such as festivals (Spring Harvest, New Wine, Big Church Day Out) and the Alpha Film series. Gemma has moved from the West Country to London to Kent and experienced a whole heap of churches (Baptist, Anglican, Home Churches, Apostolic) on her journey.

Gemma has many stories to share. Her life has taken many different directions which have given her lots of insight and experience in things that will surprise and interest you. But through it all, Gemma’s faith in Jesus has kept her strong against the odds: relationship traumas, parental disappointments, homelessness, Gemma has faced them all. But, God has gifted her with the talents, abilities and wisdom as well as an army of friends and family, to bring her through and keep her going with a successful career and a smile on her face.

Keynote – Morning

Keynote – Afternoon