Testimonial – Ruth MacGilp

Attending Bountiful last year was an amazing experience. Gemma Hunt was an inspirational speaker who passionately shared the story of her faith and how it had shaped her life and career path. It was uplifting to meet and worship alongside women from different church backgrounds, and the conference prompted me to reflect upon my God-given gifts and how I should best use them.

Testimonial – Megan Barnard

For me, Bountiful was a great day of worshipping, growing and experiencing God with other women. As a youth, I didn’t know how much I would be able to relate and join in, but the day definitely surprised me. The sessions were all lead by inspiring women, who I learnt so much from. I also greatly enjoyed the worship, and felt really connected to God throughout it. I would really recommend coming this year to have heaps of fun and fellowship with women of all ages.

Testimonial – Sarah Thomas

It was such a wonderful blessing to be a part of the Bountiful Conference last year. Both the worship and sessions were spirit-filled and I felt a real sense of God-given truth, gentleness and peace throughout the day. Bountiful reminded me that I am a worthy child of our loving Heavenly Father. I am looking forward to hearing what God has to say to me and all the other women attending this year.

Testimonial – Joyce Dungham

The Bountiful conference in 2018 was a great opportunity for women from different churches to gather together. There’s something special about lots of women worshipping together and Lou led us in worship brilliantly.

The day seemed to go by so quickly. But this year the conference will be even better… it will be longer with more workshops, more opportunities for meeting together to worship God and encourage each other.

Testimonial – Beth Hillman

When I came to Bountiful last year I came with my Auntie, Cousin and my Mum. I went to the talk for the youth and I really enjoyed the activities that were there for us, as well as the amazing speakers and band.

I feel that this year people should come to Bountiful because it’s a great time for women and girls to come together and further their faith, and listen to inspiring stories.

Testimonial – Julie Jack

I was part of the founding committee for Bountiful last year. It made a lasting impression on me because of the tangible sense of God in Trinity school that day. People were visibly moved by the sense of community. I hope others will join this journey to see how a seed of an idea can transform into something amazing!

Testimonial – Chiara Nicholls

When I booked Bountiful last year I didn’t really have many expectations as it was the first Christian conference I had ever attended. I had such a positive experience that this year I was so excited when the tickets were released, of course I bought mine.

2018 was a very difficult period in my life and I found Bountiful a very uplifting day, and what I learnt has stayed with me. The love and positive energy in the room was tangible, and I cried many healing tears throughout the day.

The day gave me the safe space and time to feel God’s love for me, and the energy created by a room full of women left me feeling empowered.

Buy yourself a ticket because you ARE worth it, and whilst you are at it, buy a ticket for a woman that you love because she deserves to know she IS worthy too.