Why has the price increased this year?

  • In response to last year’s feedback, we are running a longer day, doubling the number of workshops to enable people to see more than one speaker
  • This year we have added a dedicated prayer and support team
  • We have considered the market equivalents and find a Bountiful 2019 ticket to be good value for money
  • In our inaugural year Bountiful was blessed by some generous donations. If you would like to make a donation that would help facilitate the bountiful conference, please contact us through our dedicated e-mail bountifulconference@gmail.com


How were the speakers chosen?

  • It was important to us that the speakers spoke on the subject ‘Made Worthy’ passionately, so we chose speakers who were known to the team or known for speaking on the subject
  • You can find information about the speakers on the workshops page


At what time does the day start and finish?

  • 9.30am until 4.30pm
  • A full agenda will be given to all delegates on the day


How many workshops will there be?

  • This year there will be four speakers running workshops
  • Each speaker will run their workshop twice
  • Where possible, we will share sound recordings of the workshops after the event


Do I need to bring lunch with me?

  • Yes
  • Unfortunately we are unable to provide food to a standard we would like
  • After some discussion we decided the best person to find the most lavish lunch you deserve for the day would be yourself
  • We ask that people respect the school’s NO NUTS policy
  • There will be refreshments available throughout the day
  • If you are able, please bring your own reusable cup


What happens to any profit made?

  • All monies are directly fed into supporting the goals of Bountiful, this includes a tithe of 10% to a local women’s charity which you can hear about on the day
  • Bountiful is run by a dedicated group of women from various churches, to which no salaries are paid, no funds are used for individual gain