Bountiful’s vision is to inspire, grow, and unite girls and women for the kingdom and glory of God. So they can claim their identity in Christ and in turn have a lasting unmistakable impact on those around them and the world.

Inspire with Christ
Nurture like Christ
Unite in Christ
Impact eternally

Guided by a strong vision and belief that this conference was much needed in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas Bountiful held its first conference in February 2018. The response was incredible and the event a true blessing for all involved. Building on the feedback received and led by the Lord we have created a second conference to be held on the 23rd of March 2019. The day will combine workshops, worship, praise and prayer, focusing on the theme of Worthy.

In a world full of pressure to conform to the standards that others measure worth by we want to come apart and examine, reconnect and celebrate the worth we have as women of God.

Come and join us to reignite the spark within you, to celebrate the faith that guides you, or to discover and explore what that might look like and mean to you. We seek to make Jesus Christ attractive and available to all.

Our speakers will include Gemma Hunt, Melinda Wells, Claire Musters, Esther Swaffield and Helen Thorne, and worship will be led by Cathy Burton. Each a strong and vibrant woman of faith and sharing a different and personal insight into what Worthy means to them and their faith on a day to day basis.

We look forward to seeing you there, and don’t forget to bring your lunch.