Talks – Bountiful @ Home 2020

Bountiful 2020
Welcome to this year’s online event


Melinda Wells

Greater Power of God

God showed me that we are in control of how much or how little of His power flows through us and why we need to take what comes out of our mouths seriously in order to be trustworthy.  It’s simple but it’s not easy, this talk is a practical “How to”.

Running time: 15mins 21s

Rachel Wright

Mary, Martha and me.

Having read the story of Mary, Martha and Jesus many times, Rachel asks, “Have I missed a bit?”

Is Jesus the feminist actually calling every woman to live their most authentic life, encouraging each other as we go?

Running time: 15mins 46s

Carol Bostock

Odd Emotion Out!

Why courage is unique among our emotions – and fear summed up in three words!

Running time: 14mins 20s

Amanda Bezrah

The Right Tools

In life, we will face giants. Battles too big for us. It makes us want to cower in fear or give up, but having the right tools will equip us to live a courageous life.

Running time: 19mins 56s

Nell Goddard

‘International Justice Mission: Courage to Make A Difference’

Using the story of Joy, a survivor of cybersex trafficking, Nell Goddard from International Justice Mission (IJM) UK encourages us to have the courage to pray, the courage to persevere, and the courage to speak out.

Running time: 12mins 12s

Come & Sing with Lou & Nathan

Closing worship & prayer

We hope you have been blessed by Bountiful

We have been wonderfully blessed to be able to bring Bountiful to you online this year, and we pray and hope to be with you in person next year. If you are able to donate any money to help us cover our costs we would be most grateful. Simply click on the link below and donate through our just giving page. Thank you and God bless.

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