Walk taller

Meet the speakers at Bountiful 2019

Our theme this year is being made worthy and all our contributors have personal experiences, insights and thoughts to share about how Christ’s love has inspired and instilled value in lives beyond that of human success and desire.

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Claire Musters

Workshop: Walk taller – Claire Musters
Do you know that you are made worthy through Christ, but sometimes struggle to truly believe that and live in the light of it? Claire Musters shares honestly about her own difficulties with low self-worth, the journey she has been on to truly understand God’s love for her and the tools she has found helpful in the daily fight to stand firm in our identity as women of God. The world is constantly telling us who we should be, and pointing out what we lack, but we truly can rest in the knowledge that we are His beloved, worthy daughters and enjoy being who he made us to be.

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