Precious Rubbish

Meet the speakers at Bountiful 2019

Our theme this year is being made worthy and all our contributors have personal experiences, insights and thoughts to share about how Christ’s love has inspired and instilled value in lives beyond that of human success and desire.

Melinda Wells

Workshop: Precious rubbish – Melinda Wells
After spending her formative years under the influence of people trying to convince her she was garbage, Melinda Wells was able to change that when she accepted that being “Made worthy” for her was Jesus taking the garbage out of her soul and filling the space
with gold. Knowing she is precious and valuable effects how she treats herself and other people. She comes at life from a place of knowing she has something valuable to give and lives looking to encourage and lift those around her. In this workshop she will seek to share her insight into living a life by faith, and, by way of questions and answers to give you the practical tools and equipment to put into practice in your own daily walk with God.

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