Bountiful 2019 – Keynote

Meet the speakers at Bountiful 2019

Our theme this year is being made worthy and all our contributors have personal experiences, insights and thoughts to share about how Christ’s love has inspired and instilled value in lives beyond that of human success and desire.

Gemma Hunt

Keynote speaker: Gemma Hunt
“Made worthy” is at the core of who we are, it is God’s design for us. He loves us, is proud of us and created us in His image. But, we get in the way of that. We allow others to get in the way of that and sometimes, we allow the way we perceive God as a father to get in the way of that too. As a result we suffer, either openly or inwardly or both. As women, we have a great capacity to cope or appear to be coping because we do NOT want to loose face or appear to be a fraud. We need to allow God to speak in to these insecurities and speak His love and truth in to our deepest places. He’s done it for countless people in the Bible and in those around us, so why not us? When we realise our true worth, we let the pressure off ourselves and can enjoy life in all its fullness as God intended.

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