Gemma Hunt

Gemma Hunt

After a truly engaging and inspiring time with Gemma last year, we are delighted that she is returning with more to share at Bountiful 2019.

Fun loving, enthusiastic TV presenter Gemma Hunt has worked in television for 15 years, hosting children’s shows for the BBC as well as Christian events such as festivals (Spring Harvest, New Wine, Big Church Day Out) and the Alpha Film series. Gemma has moved from the West Country to London to Kent and experienced a whole heap of churches (Baptist, Anglican, Home Churches, Apostolic) on her journey.

Gemma has many stories to share. Her life has taken many different directions which have given her lots of insight and experience in things that will surprise and interest you. But through it all, Gemma’s faith in Jesus has kept her strong against the odds: relationship traumas, parental disappointments, homelessness, Gemma has faced them all. But, God has gifted her with the talents, abilities and wisdom as well as an army of friends and family, to bring her through and keep her going with a successful career and a smile on her face.

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