Bountiful 2021
Welcome to this year’s online event

Opening Worship Celebration

HOPE from the PAST

Jen Reece Larcombe

I’m thrilled to be part of Bountiful again and this year it is my privilege to speak about “Hope from the past.”
I know what it’s like to need hope. For many years I was confined to a wheelchair, and whilst I have often found hope in unusual places throughout my life, hope was especially needed at that time. I found that God never gives up. I look forward to sharing more with you on the day, I do hope you’ll join me.

Running time: 9mins 25s

Melinda Wells

I can’t think of a more effective tool for “Hope/Freedom from our Past” than Forgiveness.  It is a beautiful gift that God has given us, sullied by misinformation.  In this talk we expose three of the biggest lies we believe about forgiveness, what it actually is and a “How to…” model.  As we work through this simple formula, we almost invariably end up experiencing greater intimacy with the Godhead.

Running time: 10mins 35s

Josie Larder

Hi, I’m Josie, and I am so excited to have been asked to share my story of hope with you today. I encourage you to listen with an open heart to hear what God may be wanting to speak to you about your own story of hope.
Personal stories can be such a powerful way for us to join together to encourage one another. For years I have wanted to pretend that my past never happened, I’ve hidden it away in shame and embarrassment. But now I feel able to speak about it openly, to focus on the hope that came out of hopelessness. I pray it brings you encouragement today, maybe even the prompt you need to share your own story of hope, and that you feel seen and heard.

Running time: 10mins 03s

A time of worship to pause and reflect


Amanda Bedzrah

Amanda is a wife and mum to three awesome kids. She is an Author, Speaker and Bible teacher. She is passionate about making the Bible relevant in our everyday lives today. You can find more about her by visiting her website

Running time: 10mins 59s

Christina Baldwin

I’m Christina Baldwin coming to you from America. I will be speaking to you this weekend about Hope for the future.
I will be talking about our role as Mothers in the Kingdom if God, not perfect, but living examples of Christ to those around us.

Running time: 13mins 57s


Angie Petrie

I’m passionate about seeing people reconnect with their creativity for their healing. I believe that God as the ultimate creator has gifted us with his imagination and capacity to create so we can live an abundant and creative life. Creativity comes in so many forms, during lockdown I have learnt on my creativity to explore new sides to myself. Also to enable me to find a deeper relationship with God, which has led to new business ideas and deeper times of worship and acceptance. If you want to find out more about me please go to

Running time: 10mins 15s

Amanda Dilworth

Looking back I can see how God has helped me at a time when I felt helpless and without hope. It’s a case of, put your hand in my hand. So in times like we are going through now, I do the same. I know my saviour can help me because he’s done it before. I trust him for the future, he promises never to leave us and he keeps his promises. Hope for today and for tomorrow, just as he gave it to me for the yesterdays.

Running time: 9mins 19s

Closing Worship

A Message From Dawn

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